High Risk Processing

We are here to help your business grow without complications. Find out how we can help your industry type.

Cash Discount Program

Find out more about our Cash Discount Program where brick and mortar retail store merchants can eliminate their processing fees.

Equipment & POS Systems

We are here to help your business grow whether in-store, online eCommerce, or a combination of both. We can provide the payment processing solutions wherever you are selling.


Our strategy is to help you customize your program incentives to help you grow revenue and make your business indispensable.

Merchant Financing

Cash Advances and Credit Lines: simple to get and flexible to pay back.


In-store and online POS solutions

Just like you, we enable seamless commerce and credit card processing for businesses of all sizes and types. We love (<3) to help businesses grow no matter if they are online eCommerce, in-store, or a combination of both. We can provide the payment processing solutions wherever you’re selling. What size fits you?

In-store Payments

Give your customers easier ways to pay by their choice.

POS Systems


Mobile Card Readers

Online Payments

Simple and secure online payments with the latest technology to help your business grow. Accept credit card payments anytime, anywhere.

Virtual Terminals

ACH & eCheck


Our Services

Spectrum services the following markets and many more:


Bad Credit


Credit Repair

Debt Consolidation




Tobacco & Cigar

Collection Agency

Online Firearms





What Our Merchants are Saying

They made the integration to my website so seamless. There was absolutely no down time whatsoever.

Josephine L.

Best in the Ecig and Smoke related industry! My last 3 processors either limit my volume, held my money or closed my accounts. Spectrum Payment Solutions understands the industry and removed all limits and reservations!

Ali M.

My rep is always accessible, even on Sunday night when I had issues and needed him most.

David C.

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About Spectrum

Spectrum Payments Solutions is a payments technology company providing a complete suite of payment acceptance solutions and business solutions. We offer business solutions in five primary segments: credit card processing, eCommerce and gateway, mobile payments, cash advances, and credit lines. We are your credit card processor connecting you to all possible in merchant services, from helping businesses integrate points-of-sale to fueling e-commerce transactions. As consumers, we want payment experiences to be seamless and are dedicated to providing you excellent service. Learn more about us and what sets us apart from traditional merchant services providers for your unique merchant account.